Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Catholic Women’s Conference?
The Catholic Women’s Conference is a unique event designed for all Catholic women – married, single, and consecrated.  The mission of the conference is three-fold: to invite women into a personal and transformative encounter with Jesus Christ, to form women in the truth about their feminine genius, and to equip women to be a leaven for the world, living their feminine gifts in service to the family, the Church and all aspects of society.

Sponsored by the Archdiocese of Philadelphia, the Catholic Women’s Conference began in 2013 at the request of 30 Catholic women from various parishes in the Philadelphia area.  Archbishop Chaput affirms the significance of this gathering in stating: “The Catholic Women’s Conference opens a door to the most beautiful kind of renewal, the kind that comes from an authentic feminine leadership in the family, in the community, in business, in education, and in public life.  I wholeheartedly support this event.”  

What will the day look like?
The Catholic Women’s Conference offers tracks in English, Spanish and – every other year – American Sign Language. The day begins with Mass followed by the first keynote, which will introduce our conference theme. The middle of the day presents 4 breakout sessions in English and a concert or prayer session in Spanish. When you are not at a talk, you can enjoy lunch, a visit to the vendors, prayer time, and/or a walk around the beautiful grounds of the Shrine. In the afternoon, you will be inspired by the second keynote address, which will go deeper into our conference theme and prepare you for the closing prayer service. During the closing prayer service, the Blessed Sacrament will be exposed and we will have time to rest in silence, meditate on Scripture passages and beautiful music.  Confession are available throughout the day. Click here for the schedule of the day.

Who should attend the Catholic Women’s Conference?
There will be something for everyone at the Catholic Women’s Conference, so all are invited! The speakers will direct their remarks so that they are applicable and relevant to women in all three states of life – married, single, and religious.

Our non-Catholic sisters are also very welcome to attend! The talks will address specifically Catholic themes, but these are also universal truths that will be valuable and life-giving to every woman.

Why should I fit this into my schedule?
The day will provide a time of spiritual and intellectual refreshment that you will be able to draw from all year long.  This day is for you!

  • Faith Formation: Through keynote presentations as well as specific breakout sessions, women will discover the call to fullness of life that comes to us from our Catholic faith. This will impact not only our own lives, but the lives of everyone around us!
  • Prayer: Through Mass, eucharistic adoration and opportunities for confession, women will have access to sacramental grace, spiritual strengthening, and renewal.
  • Friendship: Through breakout session discussions, breaks, and lunch, women will have the opportunity for new and rekindled friendship with other Catholic women.
  • Being equipped: Through the exhibits, women will find ministries and organizations that support Catholic women in various ways.  There will also be great products and resources for purchase.  These will strengthen you in your mission to go forth and bring your feminine genius to the world!

Who are the speakers for this conference?
We are pleased to welcome gifted speakers to lead the Catholic Women’s Conference, selected for their expertise on our conference theme.  To see topics, photos, and biographies of these presenters, please click here.

What is the cost for this event?

How can I help spread the word about this event to my friends?
We have prepared flyers, email blurbs, website banners, videos and more for you to use to invite friends, family and co-workers.  Click here to access these resources.